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Protecting Cats Against Fleas Naturally

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It is good to want to treat your animals as much as possible in a natural way, to avoid giving them too much medication or unnecessary molecules. And then, if you’re looking for a little bit on the internet, you can see that there are people who are trying to naturally treat their animals against fleas and ticks too, with essential oils. We can read that lavender has repulsive effects, geraniol, and mint too. So can we do this without being dangerous to animals? And then, is it effective?

(1º) So, first question, is it dangerous?

So, yes, in fact, for animals it can be dangerous because there are a lot of animals in fact that are going to do poisoning. Especially in cats in fact, because cats, at the level of the liver, cannot metabolize well, i.e. treat and assimilate essential oils, and there is risk of intoxication.

In particular, the Western Veterinary Poison Control centre recorded between 2009 and 2012 no less than 130 cases of animal poisoning for essential oils.

About 70% of cat poisoning and then 20% dogs; And the remaining 10%, concerning other animals like ferrets etc. ..

So the essential oils, you really have to be careful.

Knowing that even if you find pipettes in the trade, that contain essential oils, and even following the recommendations and the dosage that is marked on the pipette, well we are not immune to poisoning, because there are also intoxications in this context. That is, the frame that is to follow the indication that is noted on the pipette.

So if you see commercial pipettes in fact, often in supermarket, or pipettes that you can find like that in fact, and you see, there are essential oils inside, well, avoid giving that.

Cat with Fleas

(2º) After, is it effective?

So some people will tell you that it has a repellent effect.

At the moment, there is no study that showed that there really was an effect in fact for the flea treatment. And then, if there is indeed repellent in fact, it is not curative effect; That is, if the dog has fleas, it’s not going to treat fleas. This will eventually prevent other fleas from coming, if one counts on the repellent effect, but there is no curative effect.

So if your dog or cat has fleas, it will have no effect.

After that, there is also something very important to consider, is that, a lot of cats and dogs are allergic to flea saliva. That is, if a flea comes and stings them, well a flea is enough to create an allergic phenomenon. So always treat with an effective anti-chip that prevents the chips from poking; So, that is, who kills the fleas before they have time to sting, because as soon as they sting, it declares the allergy. This is why Maite actually, it is better to turn to recognized and effective products, with molecules that have been tested, and that have real efficacy against fleas, for cat and for dogs.

Knowing that, last little recommendation, if you have a cat, never put pipettes that are intended for dogs, because there are also molecules recognized for dogs, but that can be toxic to cats. This is the case of all pipettes which contain what is called Permethrin, the same for sprays which also contain permethrin. If you put a dog spray on the permethrin, you can kill a cat.

So be careful, choose many products for cats and effective products. And if you have any doubts, ask your vet.

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